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Weeping Eagle

Weeping Eagle is a Cherokee Native American that strives to revive the spiritual links to the past, nature and each other, in preparation for the Next Order.  In doing so, the contemporary lunacy that many call a "normal American life" becomes exposed as artificial and unsustainable.  Weeping Eagle finds nothing natural or spiritual about how Americans are choosing to live, and how their rulers are choosing to rule. 

Weeping Eagle chose that Native American name to reflect the hurt associated with watching America thoughtlessly and uncontrollably hurtling to its ruin, knowing that is the only possibility left for spiritual revival and rebirth.  <Back>


William Jefferson Reddnec III

"Willie" is a "good ole boy" that grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Prone to bawdy and tawdry satirical assaults on righteousness and righteous people, he returns us to the good old days of our genetic programming before the term "politically correct" began to rule our lives.  If you like lewd and lascivious, and are not terrified of sexual innuendos, you may enjoy his work. 

Willie likes to think of his work as a return to our true roots and heritage as real American men and women, when pure hormonal heat throbbed in all our veins.  His view of contemporary Americans is much like that of D. H. Lawrence's view of the British when he described them as having "white-of-egg" in their veins.  Americans have become addicted to multimedia sexual voyeurism, and have safely cocooned themselves away from the abusiveness of reality, lawyers, and jail.   <Back>