The One Peace

By Weeping Eagle



In seeking his importance, man worships man

Man imagines gods in his own image


Powerful men

Blur the line between man and god

So that others will worship their god-like stature


Nature, in all its harshness, is made a ruthless, uncaring adversary


A man, his ruler, his high priest and his god stand together against nature

And so man separates man from nature


The earth is the final resting place for the material body

Even though the earth is manís origin and nurturer

The earthen grave is the eternal darkness from which no one returns


And so man separates man from the earth


One manís god is the Lord

Anotherís Allah

And yet anotherís Buddha


Man separates man from man by the god worshipped


When nations and churches separate man from man

Even man becomes an adversary


Separation leads to isolation and fear


The more separation and isolation

The more to fear

Fear fuels helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, anger


In the end,

The final peace,

Whether chosen or forced by death,

Is acceptance of being one with man, earth, and nature


How is man to go about life before dying?

By feeling separate and isolated from man, earth and nature? 

And suffering the fear, dread and anger?


Until, only at death, man accepts his oneness


Or is it better to feel the oneness throughout manís life? 


The One is the All

The One is man, the earth, nature

All nations and churches


Allah, Lord, Buddha

Each is less than the One

And part of the One


The One is All


There is but one peace

And that is the peace of the One