Delicate Flower


A beautiful delicate flower clings precariously to the edge of a precipice,

Drawn over the edge toward a powerful, evil light from the bottomless darkness below


“Move toward the light of happiness”, whisper the on-looking warm breezes of hope, “and we will help you – we know the way and will encourage you to grow toward true light and life”


But the flower knows only the light of darkness and not the light of life


Distrust, uncertainty, and unknowing push the delicate flower further toward the edge


“This is the only light I have known


And I am weary of clinging to this barren rocky spot


False hopes are plentiful


Too often I have trusted those only interested in the pleasure and beauty of my blossoms, only to be abandoned as they faded


And I have fears and anxieties

I am afraid


Now I dream of peace and tranquility in the darkness below”


And the warm breezes felt sadness


“Ease your hold; give yourself up to the soft tranquility and peace of Nature, not the harsh, cold of fear and hopelessness


We are of Nature, know Nature’s way, and only seek your true destiny, that of peace, beauty, and grace


It’s not your blossoms that truly nourish others, but the roots of your soul, your spirit, your caring


Those can never be taken from you


Those you cannot give but only share, and by sharing nourish yourself


Those need never fade, but only grow more brilliant


False gods and those unworthy of trust are plentiful 


But they can only lurk in the shadows and darkness away from the true light and way,


Withering in the glow of your true beauty”