New Sequim Bus Service?

William Jefferson Reddnec III

Busted busload of boobs

Hopes for a new Sequim bus service for local seniors have taken a turn for the worse given that the bus operators were busted last week in Tampa outside the Bucs-Bears football game. 

According to news sources, "Tampa police arrested 10 people on Sunday outside Raymond James Stadium accusing them of operating a mobile strip club.  ... Police found lap dances being conducted at $20 if the woman was topless and $40 if she was nude.  "  (Source:Chicago Tribune)

Local opinions about the likely outcome have been mostly disappointment.  "I was really looking forward to this.  My wife died two years ago and I haven't had as much as a handshake since.  And the price is right.  I pay more than that a day for catheter care, and let me tell you this would make me feel a hell of a lot better than that," lamented one local senior.  Another said he was surprised the Casino hasn't figured out  the bottom line profitability for this kind of entertainment . 

Such a service in the Sequim area would be certain to fuel controversy.  Progressive areas such as Washington state just aren't receptive to good old capitalism as a delivery mechanism for satisfying human needs.  Fortunately, some mostly Republican conservative areas such as West Palm Beach, Tampa-Clearwater and others are much more enlightened. 

Medical practitioners and caregivers seem of mixed opinions as to whether the benefit exceeds the cost, but many will affirm that such contact can serve as an anti-depression emotional boost, much like having a pet sheep.  And all attest that depression among male seniors is a major health factor yet to be adequately addressed by public health officials. 

Interestingly, some women seniors were less interested in finding this men's service offensive, and more interested in having  their needs met by a similar service.  "Right now, when I get horny I have to go to Brazil, which I do at least twice a year.  But let me tell you, a lap dance doesn't begin to get it done for me.  I get the real thing and the whole nine inches, I mean yards", said one local senior woman. 

The service seems unlikely to win approval of county officials, but might have a chance with Sequim officials.  But some suggest that there isn't enough room in this town for other whores unless a sales tax, use tax or some form of revenue flowed to them from the service.  But  maybe that's why it's called a service tax in Washington.  Or, perhaps the state will expand their liquor business with a similar service co-located with their liquor stores, much like the Old West saloons.