Coyote Spirit

By Weeping Eagle




Shots.  What were three are now two.  What was once a spiritually revered beast, is now a scourge to be hunted, poisoned, trapped. 


They have been visiting.  What started as a late afternoon run-by has become a morning saunter.  Tired from the nightís hunt, they return.  Theyíre so close I can see their breathing.  They stop, they look, they smell, as if they know Iím watching.  And itís OK.  We share a respect for each other.  We are both part of Natureís One. 


A carnivore.  One that monogamously mates for life. One that eliminates the weak and diseased.  Part of the natural order. 


The Trickster.  Wily Coyote.  Some say the coyote spirit is part man part coyote and able to change between the two.  A frequent visitor to the underworld.  The creator of man from dung.  


Why does modern man revere the elk and deer but not the coyote?


Symbolism.  Metaphors.  Man can no longer accept his frailty in Natureís balance.  Man must be the controller, the protector.  How else can he assure his own fate? 


Manís coyote awaits him.  The one that thins the crowd.  That is the message from the coyote spirit.