These links present a broad variety of information sources, some of which this web site does not particularly agree with.  They are listed here for informative purposes.  Democracy requires communication and the exchange of ideas and thoughts.  Some are listed simply because they are off the beaten path, and might not otherwise catch your attention. 

thomas gov in politics data

Planetizen | The Planning & Development Network

The National Debt Clock

US Postal Service

Independent Media Center


Aljazeera News

Conservative Caucus

Think Progress News

Institute for Policy Studies Overview

The Huffington Post

The Crisis Papers

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Main Page - dKosopedia

Crooks and Liars

Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network

The American Conservative

Common Cause

Current Prime rate, LIBOR rates and other major interest rates

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters