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America the Greatest! Our leaders love to tout our being the greatest nation and democracy in the world.  Inspirational.  Uniting.  Emotionally appealing.  Nobody bothered to be honest with us.  Read the truth here.  (Taken from, of all places, the Austin Chronicle.)  It reminds me strongly of the popular book:  Lies My Teacher Told Me.  And we used to be told how propagandistic Tass was.  Thanks to Olivier Clarisse for the pointer. 


Social Security crisis?  During Clinton's second term, the White House began making noises about how the U. S. population was aging so quickly and substantially  that there would be too few workers contributing to Social Security to fund benefit payments to retirees.  Drastic action was required or catastrophe would strike.  The catastrophe was the federal government having to pay out more benefits than receipts for the first time in history.  Forget they've already spent every nickel of Social Security receipts.   "Drunken sailors on shore leave" bureaucrats always need more money and constantly seek new crises for funding increases. 

A thorough analysis of 100 years of census bureau statistics using state-of-the-art data analysis and forecasting techniques compellingly refuted those claims.  While the population demographics shift slightly toward an aging population, the shift represents only a few percentage points of change.  And then demographics stabilize near today's levels.  Shortly after this report was delivered to AARP, the claims of the social security crisis vanished. 

Read the Population Problem Report here.  This is the original and only legitimate source for this report. 

If you want a worry, worry about the fact that the U. S. population is growing exponentially.   And given the undocumented illegal alien situation, no one knows exactly what the U. S. population is.  We are increasingly outgrowing our resources and infrastructure. 

A recent news report cited 36 states with upcoming critical water shortages.  Georgia repeats itself over and over.  A recent Time article documented the privatization of major U. S. road arteries for lack of funding.  Time's running out. 

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