The Weather

Everyone should know where to get complete up-to-the minute weather information for their locale, including radar, satellite, jet stream, weather maps, and local forecasts.  These are among the best links.  Some sites can be set specific for any zip code in the nation. 

If you're going to use just one home weather page, then use  the Wunderground page for your zip  code.  It provides weather conditions, forecast, radar, satellite, almanac, astronomy information, and links to other weather information sites.  If you click on the NEXRAD link you can locate any U. S. weather radar site and  current storm information for the entire U. S.. 

This is the site for one locale: Weather Underground: Sequim, Washington (98382) Forecast

Then, as a follow up there is The Weather Channel which offers a full area of maps.  As an example, here is the animated Pacific Ocean Satellite Map, a favorite for west coast residents that want to know what's coming. 

Click here to get jet stream maps. is another source of extensive weather information through a comprehensive set of links. provides links to many visible weather cameras in place in the U. S. 

The National Weather Service provides weather advisories and warnings; North American infrared, visible and water vapor satellite maps; as well as tons of other information. 

Emergency Email is an interesting site where you can subscribe to email that sends not only email weather alerts but also health (as in food recalls) and homeland security alerts . 

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