The Internet and Telecommunications 

  The Telecom and Information Technology Holy Grail as Seen By A Seasoned Cynic - Doug Pitt - a summary of what's going on and how quickly.  Is telecom dead?  Is IT fading? What's the best corporate strategy? The beginning of a series that examines what happened, what's happening, and will happen. 

Art Black responds to Bruce Owen's Net Neutrality   paper.  Read his response here

Telecom 101 - What's the difference between voice and internet networks?  What's the difference between circuit and packet networks?   What is WiMax and how does it differ from WiFi and cellular?  This is a compact Powerpoint  tutorial covering internet and telecommunications basics including circuit switched voice, packet switched data, cellular, wireless and digital cable.  It covers the basics quickly with very few words. 

The Future of North American Cellular Standards - This discusses the developing overlap between North American cellular (CDMA), European cellular (GSM),  and IP.  And it enumerates standards difficulties and potential service problems as a result.   Even though it's slightly dated, it still accurately characterizes the environment as carriers try to sort out choices between UMT, LTE and WiMax.  Thanks to David Crowe at Cellular Networking Perspectives for the reprint here. 

A favorite web site and news feed comes from Robert Cannon:  It covers activities and events within the FCC, Department of Justice, and courts.  Other sites with newsletters and E-zines include Robert Hoskins' Broadband Wireless Exchange and Jeff Pulver's VON.  Each site can be accurately characterized for technical integrity by the amount of snake oil they peddle.