About USPhoenix

The phoenix, the mythical firebird, renews itself through its fiery destruction.  Consumed by flames it rises from its own ashes. 

The phoenix is a metaphor for the unending creation of new from the ashes of old.  Spectacular old growth trees fall from the sky, crashing to the forest floor where their rotting timber provides a nutrient-rich bed for new seedlings.  Stars violently explode, strewing debris throughout space for the formation of new stars and planets.  The Earth is debris from stellar explosions. 

Nature continuously creates fresh, vibrant new life that with proper nurturing thrives.  But eventually it declines, fades and dies. 

Societies, cultures, empires rise and fall.  Some explode violently through dissension and war.  Some are overrun and usurped into others.  Others simply decline and disappear.  In every case, they plant the seeds of their own destruction through their consumption, growth and inertia.  They become bloated, lethargic, unable to react to sudden, critical tipping points. 

So it must be for the United States.  The signs of decline have increased dramatically over the last thirty years.  It’s not that ruin is the ultimate outcome.  Returning to a vibrant, energetic, sustainable society can only occur through a cataclysmic turning point.  The current society is not sustainable. Current consumption and waste are not sustainable. 

And so, the question becomes when will this renewal occur, and how?  If it does not occur, the U. S. decays and devolves to a “banana republic” status.  A burned out cinder.  A dead star. 

When cannot be predicted.  Nor can it be predicted whether it will be peaceful or a violent cataclysmic event leading to death and destruction. 

The renewal cannot occur under current leadership, power structures, and government.  The current society has become too corrupt to renew itself.  People with money like banana republics.  Bountiful  riches, cheap labor, and a government for sale. 

Appropriate dialog can only occur outside the confining chains of "political correctness". 

Among other things, this web site provides commentary and analysis of current American conditions and events, with an eye toward a managed, non-violent renewal.  Upcoming American stories in The Arts will help point the way from the past to the future. 

That is why the site is named “USPhoenix”.  Voicing the future for those that want to hear.